Seven Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cat Litter Mat

Do you want to choose a cat litter mat? Cat litter mat is essential to grab litter off from her paw. It is disgusting when you find cat litter on furniture, carpet, clothing, etc. So many cat owners are looking for the perfect litter mat for their cat. Whether you are shopping a cat mat for the first time, second time or even fifth time, choosing the right litter mat is essential for the effective use.
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It is the right place to understand the important things you want to know when buying a cat litter mat.

First, you must determine the size of the mat. You must select a large litter mat when you have a large cat so that the mat offers enough room for the cat. You can verify the dimensions of the mat in online sites and check if it fits your cat.

The shape of the mat matters a lot in the selection process. Does your little pet mostly ignore whatever you have kept in front of the litter box? Then you should pick a litter mat that with large wide or size of two litter mats one facing east-west and other north-south. Based on the shape and size of the litter box, you can select a litter mat.

The material is the third crucial thing you want to check. Verify if the mat collects the cat litter as a magnet. You want to choose the closest mat, and many popular litter mats are available in two or more sizes. You can prefer two sizes if required.

Cleanliness is the next important thing you want to check. Based on your requirement, you can choose the width, length, and material. Some materials are rubbery and close-weaved. The mats that are little-indented patterns are very simple to clean using anything like a sponge, a broom, a vacuum cleaner and a hose. Many cat litter mats are available in various decorative patterns, so you have plenty of choices to pick.

The price of the cat litter box differs based on the models, features, materials, etc. So if you want a litter mat that lasts for a long period, you can select a costly mat.

Some mats are waterproof, so it has the potential to hold the liquids for a long period till you check it. The weight of the mat should be not much heavy since you find it hard to carry to the bathroom, sink or outside.

You will want a cat litter mat if you cat enters the box without jumping. Also, check the holes in the mat some mats contain large holes, and some will have small holes. If the openings are large, then the liquid can easily fall off from the mat so you can consider choosing small holes mat.

Don’t think that buying a cat litter mat as an expense. It will save your time and money in cleaning the litter spread around your home.