Tips That Would Help Litter Training Your Cats

Cat Litter Pads

Cats are fantastic pets and excellent companion to raise at house. It is essential that you litter train your pet cats, so that you don’t mess up your home. They usually seek sandy places for eliminating their waste. You must encourage your pet cat to make use of litter box when it wants to pee or poop. You can visit the website of catorcat to choose the right litter box for your pet cat. You can find the full list here on various tips to litter train your cat. You can also check “Their Getpocket Page” to get some great tips.The article below would help cat owners to know on the tips to train their pet cats for littering.

Right Litter Box
It is vital that you choose the right litter box for your cat. You must select it based on the size of your pet cat. For adult cats, you must go for bigger litter boxes so that they would feel comfortable to use it. It is recommended to use a litter box of one and half times the cat’s size so that your pet can use it with ease. You must make sure that the litter box is clean so that the cats would use it for littering.

Right Litter
You must choose the right litter for your pet cat. You can make use of a litter that was used in the previous situation by your pet. This is because cats prefer to use the bedding which was used already. Make sure that you keep the litter clean. Cats generally favor the use of fine-grained litters; this is because cats have a soft heal. But it is up to your cat in choosing the type of litter. Your cat may prefer scented or unscented litter based on its choice. Cats do not litter in boxes which have corn or wheat based litter as it smells like their food. You must replace the cat litter based on the number of cats you raise in your house. A certain type of litter requires that you replace it regularly.

Right Location
It is essential that you place the litter boxes at the right place so that your pet cats make use of it quickly. Make sure that you put one litter box for each of your pet cat as they make use of separate litter boxes for littering. You must make sure that you place them in locations where it is easily accessible for your cats. Place the litter box where it is visible for your pet and see that you provide the required lighting so that your pet cats can locate them and use it quickly. Do not place the litter box near the areas where the cat eats and sleeps.

Potty Training
Training a kitten is a bit easy as it learns to litter from its mother. For kittens place a litter box of a smaller size so that small cats find it easier to use it. You can also treat them when they make use of the litter box for littering. You must help your cats to make use of the litter box by placing several litter boxes so that there is no need to travel to longer distance.

The above are the tips to be followed for litter training your pet cats.